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FREY WILLE: Masterpieces of jewelry

Today we tell about the world famous jewelry house Frey Ville, which has for decades encouraged experienced connoisseurs of jewelry artistic authenticity and colorfulness design their own unique masterpieces.
In 1951, an artist from Vienna, Michaela Frye founded his own company and became its ideological inspiration and driving force. Inspiration for his work she drew in the Austrian and British folk and modern motifs. At the time of formation of the company for her work influenced urban design elements, which gave impetus to the whole future direction of the creative concept of the company - creating jewelry with a unique technique - hand-painted enamel with a special and unique design.
Later the company joined Dr. Friedrich Wille. Became for many years a business partner. Being not only a great expert on the history and culture, and versed in the fine arts and humanities, Friedrich Wille had a remarkable talent businessman. This remarkable symbiosis of creativity and entrepreneurship, and brought FREY WILLE's first commercial success.

After the death of Michael in 1980, the company, of course, led by her friend and partner, Dr. Villa and at the same time formed a new, academically trained team of professional designers under the direction of Simone Gryunberger-Ville. It has created a new concept of jewelry design, in which geometric motifs or transformed into fantastic artistic conception. From that moment began the path of the company to new horizons and conquer the international market.

And over half a century the firm is renowned for its exclusive enamel decoration, design which stands out as his interpretation of artistic subjects, and inimitable style.
Since 1990, the inspiration of the creative team were stories of ancient civilizations - Egyptian, Greco-Roman, but was released a number of modern collections. The idea is to create a collection based on the masterpieces of the great French impressionist Claude Monet Foundation FREY WILLE prompted his behalf, addressed to a company with such a request.

The result was the creation of creative search inimitable collection. Later added other collections "Dedication", created in honor of William Morris, Gustav Klimt, Friedensreich Hundertwasser and Alphonse Mucha.
The design philosophy masters FREY WILLE to create all of the collections is the idea of ​​implementing a product of cultural and historical heritage and important eras of human history (ancient Egypt, Antiquity, the Mughal culture) or the quintessence of the works of famous artists (Monet, Gustav Klimt, Hundertwasser Fridensreyha) or, thanks to modern stylistic trends. In this dizayery FREY WILLE give priority to every detail of design, establishing its origin as closely as possible to meet the high demands of artistic authenticity.

All masters of FREY WILLE is of course highly, if not the best artists and jewelers - the specialists in dealing with the noble enamel. Therefore, the value of their work consists primarily in their high artistic value. And to achieve excellence and durability in the production of their jewelry FREY WILLE only the best materials.
Often the creation of a new collection takes up to two years, since the idea of ​​searching for a new collection of FREY WILLE A Masters is only the first small step. Idea acquires finds in books and museums. Design concepts, color schemes and the preliminary sketches and Remade peresmatirivayutsya constantly until the final until there are two or three options, which will be implemented in enamel and gold.

But the most time-consuming to master a range of new elements of artistic design of the myriad possible, drawn from a source of inspiration - the creation of the famous artist, artistic style or cultural-historical era. Carefully selected motifs are adapted to each form of jewelry. Therefore, each piece becomes a new piece of original art!
And, of course. up to date, all decorations are hand-FREY WILLE and there mostly by hand and only at a factory in Vienna's district Gumpendorf.

The development of new products by designers to think carefully about FREY WILLE.Individual forms that go out of the brush head designer Simone Gryunberger or Barbara Haberl-Hayssler are made solely for the interests of the company that sets jewelry master-pieces FREY WILLE among all other brands. Each product masters, in fact, expresses the individuality of its owner and provides an opportunity for further creative exploration.Individuality and exclusivity - the basic credo of FREY WILLE jewelry.

A little about the technology. After the design starts consuming process of manufacture. Not every design project stand capricious nature of the enamel and the process of creating a prototype.
Topcoat - a complicated process. Requiring great skill and mastrera subtlety. Enamel is a mixture of finely ground glass and mineral supplements, which melts at about 800 ° C. About 20 steps on a metal base basecoat is applied in four separate layers of enamel. Then successively applied to each of the colors of enamel. Each design can be used from 12 to 20 flowers.

After applying the powder by hand the 24-carat gold and enamel in its alloying, applied a variety of colors, which are then sintered together in a kiln.
During roasting, place in several stages, a 24-carat gold and colored enamel are fused together to cover each item.
Finished plate of enamel frame is covered with 24-carat gold, rhodium or a frame of 18-karat gold. All ornaments are made exclusively FREY WILLE of noble materials of the highest standard.

Of course, such a philosophy of design, concept and technology has been recognized not only in Austria but also gained a fan in the world. Stores FREY WILLE, besides the traditional markets for brands in France, Germany, Italy, UK and Arab countries are now open and in Eastern Europe - Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Ukraine and Russia - Moscow and Kiev. In addition, the company made a successful expansion and the Asian market - new stores opened in Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong.
According to the owner FREY WILLE Friedrich Wille success of the brand on the market, especially the Russian, Asian and east, has surpassed sales of such influential houses as "Omega", "Ferragamo" or "Hermes." Actually, it's us and not particularly surprising, since it is known that the consumption of luxury goods in this country is still great. And of course very pleased that the true masterpieces of jewelry is now so close to us and we also given them a worthy and commendable.

Gucci Fall 2011

Gucci fall 2011 collection . The spirit of the '70s does not leave the trendy new Olympus and lukbuk Italian fashion house that acknowledgment. Wide-brimmed hats, elegant coats, form-fitting jackets with a thin belt, slacks on the floor, luxurious dresses, fur jackets and vests in tandem with luxurious accessories will satisfy not One -Woman Fashion .

Louis vuitton spring 2011 fashion jewelry collection

Spring 2011 jewelry collection by Louis Vuitton presents a Amzing and beautiful variety of necklaces,  bracelets, pendants,earrings and ringsIn designs of jewelry can be traced sophisticated style 60s. Jewels of Louis Vuitton are versatile and suitable to virtually any outfit.

As models, demonstrates the jewelry, Louis Vuitton invited well-known women - She is beautiful actresses, singers, reporters, artists, presenters, DJs and female athletes

Thar jewelry for spring 2011

Thar collection of jewelry for spring 2011 includes a fabulous earrings and  handmade necklaces and cute bracelet in the form of eight-pointed star. The prices for these different ornaments: $50 for earrings to $320 for gold bracelets.

Bandage on his head: fashion trends 2011

Hair accessories can transform even the simplest hairstyle. belts, scarves,Barrettes, and head-bands on the head - ideal for hair every day.  Normal tail, or just long hair look great in combination with a bandage on his head, which gives the                 image of a highlight. 

At the same time, the classic pencil decorated with a stylish arm-band on the head with sequins, flowers or           
Beads made ​​of metal, from the everyday is transformed into an evening hairstyle. 

Such a transformation using a single stroke is especially true for those cases where there is no time to      
create an evening hairstyle or a trip to the barber. 

Bandage on his head: how to choose ?                                                            Choosing a bandage on his head, it must be remembered that for thick lines or lush curly hair is best suited wide model. At the same time for fine hair should choose a more elegant and refined version. 

In addition, the choice of dressing down is necessary to consider the style of other accessories and jewellery. If you chose a binder with rhine-stones or sequins, you should not combine it with a massive necklace. In this case it is better to decorate the neck and chest area understated, appropriate in style pendant. 

In the wardrobe of every modern lady surely must be some bandages on his head, rims and bobby pins to create unforgettable images every day under any outfit. 

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