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Bandage on his head: fashion trends 2011

Hair accessories can transform even the simplest hairstyle. belts, scarves,Barrettes, and head-bands on the head - ideal for hair every day.  Normal tail, or just long hair look great in combination with a bandage on his head, which gives the                 image of a highlight. 

At the same time, the classic pencil decorated with a stylish arm-band on the head with sequins, flowers or           
Beads made ​​of metal, from the everyday is transformed into an evening hairstyle. 

Such a transformation using a single stroke is especially true for those cases where there is no time to      
create an evening hairstyle or a trip to the barber. 

Bandage on his head: how to choose ?                                                            Choosing a bandage on his head, it must be remembered that for thick lines or lush curly hair is best suited wide model. At the same time for fine hair should choose a more elegant and refined version. 

In addition, the choice of dressing down is necessary to consider the style of other accessories and jewellery. If you chose a binder with rhine-stones or sequins, you should not combine it with a massive necklace. In this case it is better to decorate the neck and chest area understated, appropriate in style pendant. 

In the wardrobe of every modern lady surely must be some bandages on his head, rims and bobby pins to create unforgettable images every day under any outfit. 

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